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Transportation Grant Opportunity — "Rita's Ride to the Park"

In honor of their long-time board Chairman, Rita Keys, the Friends of McConnell Springs have created a grant opportunity for the children in all Kentucky schools. Rita was a tireless supporter of McConnell Springs and the educational programs the park provides for school groups. She wanted all Kentucky school children to have the opportunity to visit McConnell Springs to learn about local history and the environment. Click on the button to the right to download a grant application form.

Click here to download a grant application form.

Download a copy of the McConnell Springs Educational Programs for Schools and Groups! Click on the link to the right (requires the FREE Adobe PDF Reader).



Listen to a podcast about McConnell Springs from the Kentucky Geological Survey. Click here.

Education is a prime focus
Education is a prime focus of all activities at The Springs. In addition to planned school visits, The Friends of McConnell Springs fund a grant program for select Fayette County schools in the immediate area that have special funding challenges. These schools have the opportunity to apply for challenge grants that fund transportation and materials costs for education programs that meet the Kentucky Core Curriculum requirements.

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Rock fences thread throughout McConnell Springs, giving testimony to the first use of the area in the late 1700s. Various ruins provide evidence of an early 19th century mill. A stone foundation and a poured concrete foundation both constructed in the 1800s demonstrate the progress of building technology through the century. The foundation of what is believed to be the original William McConnell cabin, built in the late 1700s, is located on the northern edge of the site.

Efforts to preserve these artifacts have focused on identifying and, where appropriate, repairing the structures to show the many faces of the site over the years. In 2001, an archaeological project under professional supervision began to explore the ruins of the Trotter Gunpowder Mill.

About the Owl
One of the highlights of the education program at McConnell Springs is collecting and analyzing owl pellets. Although this sounds gross, it is completely sanitary and the children have a vicarious thrill in sorting out the various remains, including bones and other undigested items. Then, the students create art designs using these items the results of which are both humorous and enlightening. These are displayed in the Kentucky-American Water Company Education Center.
Download Interpretive Notebooks
The Interpretive Notebooks contain valuable historical, geological, archeaological, and botanical information to further enhance your visit to McConnell Springs. For the required FREE Adobe reader, click here.
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